Treasurer - Digital Media Studies Club

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The Treasurer controls all finances within the accounts delegated by the Students Union. They are responsible for assisting in the coordination and delegation of funds for events to best utilize available capital.

Position Requirements

It is desirable that the treasurer is well organized and possesses a level of financial expertise. 

Sign-up Directions

Section A: Executive members who are interested in pursuing a leadership position (i.e. President, Event Coordinator, Treasurer) must complete the following:

  • At least one semester as an Executive Member and in good standing with the club.
  • Notify the current President of their interest at least one month before the election.
  • Write a short description stating their position and reasoning to be posted on the Digital Media Studies Club’s Facebook page.
  • Present a short 10 - 30 second speech during the election meeting

Section B: The election process will occur during the final meeting of each school semester.

Section C: Only members of the Digital Media Studies Club are eligible to vote for upcoming Executive Leaders. The Treasurer must calculate the votes and is not eligible to vote.

Section D: The newly elected leaders will be announced on the day of once all votes are submitted and calculated.