Vice President - Digital Media Studies Club


The Vice-President helps the President in making decisions as well as overlooks Social Media and implements marketing strategies.

Position Requirements

Sign-up Directions

Section A: Executive members who are interested in pursuing a leadership position (i.e. President, Event Coordinator, Treasurer) must complete the following:

  • At least one semester as an Executive Member and in good standing with the club.
  • Notify the current President of their interest at least one month before the election.
  • Write a short description stating their position and reasoning to be posted on the Digital Media Studies Club’s Facebook page.
  • Present a short 10 - 30 second speech during the election meeting

Section B: The election process will occur during the final meeting of each school semester.

Section C: Only members of the Digital Media Studies Club are eligible to vote for upcoming Executive Leaders. The Treasurer must calculate the votes and is not eligible to vote.

Section D: The newly elected leaders will be announced on the day of once all votes are submitted and calculated.