Social Sciences

Sleep and Biological Rhythms Lab Manager


The student hired in this position will assist the primary investigator and student researchers in carrying out laboratory-based experiments in the area of sleep and biological rhythms. Duties will include instructing other students on how to use particular equipment, keeping an inventory of laboratory supplies, ordering supplies, and analyzing data. The student will be required to keep a laboratory manual up-to-date, maintain general supplies and keep order in the lab (sometimes that means washing dishes). Finally, maintain esprit de corps in the lab by organizing lab outings. There is a large number of learning opportunities!

Position Requirements

  • An interest in science is a must, otherwise, all required tasks will/can be taught.
  • A second-year methods course, good organizational skills and the ability to manage others is an asset. Our lab is made up of several students from different backgrounds (BA and BSc), at different stages of their academic careers.
  • A work-study student will support the principle investigator and students alike. This is a great job for someone interested in science and research.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Position Type

  • This is a work op position

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Elliott Marchant at