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Student Research Assistant – Anthropology


The student in this position supported research on social forms of becoming through social interactions in MMORPG games.

Position Overview

This student will support research on social forms of Becoming. This research connects to Professor Thiessen's research history on social change and identities. Today we are living with a multitude of online and offline worlds which are more global than ever before. The research explores the meaning of these worlds for people's personhood, becoming, and embodiment in global society.

The research project attempts to understand the concept of globalization, not through an economic lens, but through social interactions in MMORPG games. 

How do these games transform communities and societies?  How do these transformations link back to the dynamics of inequality and belonging?  To address these and other questions, Professor Thiessen is engaged in research projects on invented identities of the nation-state of Macedonia, and how aspects of this research transcend into the virtual world.

The student will be introduced to innovative ethnographic methods and anthropological theories for a range of emerging field-sites and topics of pressing concern.  A major in anthropology will be preferred but is not necessary.

Position Requirements

  • Student in anthropology, sociology, global Studies, philosophy, or computer science  with MMORPG game skills and an interest in the social aspect of MMORPG games.  

  • The student should have an interest in research skills on the World Wide Net.

  • Experience in MMORPG gaming is a must.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in creative thinking, critical thinking, information literacies, local knowledge in a global context, technological literacy, and intercultural perspective.

Position Type

This is a paid Work-Op position.

Sign-Up Directions

For more information, please contact Ilka Thiessen, Professor, Anthropology, at