Social Sciences

SONA Participation Management Systems Assistant


The new VIU SONA system will be used to connect faculty and student researchers and student research participants, as well instructors; SONA will greatly simplify the process of awarding course credit for participating in research. The SONA Systems Assistant will learn how to use SONA systems, develop guides and tools for student researchers to navigate SONA, as well as provide individual or small-group support to student researchers, including trouble-shooting technical difficulties or issues that might arise.

Position Overview

The position required strong communication skills, patience, a willingness to develop technical know-how, and a keen interest in learning more about how research works behind the scenes. Duties include the development of user guides for SONA, development of a VIU SONA information blog, support to faculty and students using SONA (including class presentations and office hours), and answering the SONA email.

Position Requirements

  • Learn how to use SONA as a researcher, using a variety of research methods/design.
  • Develop step by step guides for using SONA.
  • Develop a FAQ for researchers.
  • Meet one-on-one with student researchers to help them set-up their research studies in SONA, addressing and helping to trouble shoot any questions that they might have.
  • Work closely with the SONA system administrators to problem solve any technical difficulties/challenging questions that might arise.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Technological Literacy
  • Safe and Ethical Practices
  • Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Position Type

  • This is a work op position

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Marla Morden at