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STEMantics Student Volunteer


Volunteers assisted in delivery of STEMantics Programs in the VIU Faculty of Science and Technology, including K-12 in-reach school class educational activities on VIU's Nanaimo Campus and/or the Deep Bay Marine Field Station, providing support for public education events on VIU's campuses, and/or helping staff welcome public visitors at the Deep Bay Marine Field station. The volunteer will have practiced public speaking or engagement, learned about marine science and/or other STEM subject areas, and worked with a team that included research, technical and educational staff. They received training in how to share their STEM passion in a meaningful way, in best educational practices, and VIU safety procedures.

Position Overview

Volunteers duties include timely attendance at, setting up, delivering, and cleaning up after K-12 educational activities, staffing public event booths, and providing event site support.

Position Requirements

Volunteers are required to be on-time for events and programs, be organized and responsible, and be STEM enthusiasts. A friendly manner and willingness to talk to the public is important.
Students from programs in VIU's Faculties of Science and Technology, and Education, are best suited to this position, but we welcome all VIU students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, math and teaching to apply.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Oral Communication
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Active Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Inquiry and Ways of Knowing
  • Disciplinary Expertise

Sign Up Directions

Supervisor - Carl Butterworth, Manager, Deep Bay Marine Field Station

For more information, please contact Public Education Coordinator, Marnie Branfireun / Amie Armet at