VIU Advising Team walking on campus


Some Masters of Architecture programs accept students from any discipline. Others require an undergraduate degree in Architecture. 

VIU courses/programs to consider

Digital Media Studies courses (MEDI and DIGI); Bachelor of Interior Design; Math; Engineering; Art; Business; Physics; Study Abroad (especially courses which expose you to the art and architecture of other places and times); public speaking courses (THEA 108, ENGL 208).

Applicants to Master of Architecture programs are usually required to hold a four year Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum GPA in 3rd and 4th year courses. Architecture programs typically include history, theory, technical and material systems, design media and studio work. Co-op or other field work experience may be included. For full Admission requirements, including grade average, refer directly to the website of the Architecture program you wish to enter as a guideline to course selection during your undergraduate degree at VIU.