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General Internship Program

General Internship Program

INTP 300 - Planning for Upper-Level Internship

The Centre of Experiential Learning offers three different Planning for Upper-Level Internship courses. These courses provide opportunities for students to synthesize theoretical knowledge and practical experience within their field of study.

This course is open to third-year bachelor degree students.

What's in it for you?

  • Exploring self in relation to skills and VIU Graduate Attributes
  • Identifying relevant local labour market information
  • Introduction to internship opportunities
  • Instruction on how to link academic course work to your field of study

Course Sections

  • INTP 300 S22N70 - open to all disciplines
  • INTP 300 S22N71 - open to Graphic Design students only
  • INTP 300 S22N72 - open to Geography students only
  • INTP 300 S22N73 - open to Indigenous students

Interns have successfully completed an internship within regional school districts, community non-profit organizations, small businesses. Students have worked as educational or program assistants, business technology analysts, operations managers, photographer/videographers, writing and research assistants and more. The Internship also leads to formal and informal introductions to various employers who typically employ Bachelor of Arts professionals.

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