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Criminology Alexandra Anita Verlaan

Alexandra Anita Verlaan
Bachelor of Arts Major in Criminology
Internship position: CO-OP student with Service Canada Employment Insurance Nanaimo
Company: Employment and Social Development Canada

What was the biggest takeaway for you?
The biggest takeaway from this opportunity for me was to have a building
of professionals truly believe in my potential as a graduate. The atmosphere
at the Nanaimo Service Canada office at the time of my co-op was encouraging,
positive and uplifting when it came to how the team leaders and managers made
me feel valued and made me feel like I could be successful outside of university
in a professional setting.

Did it give you any clarity in what you wanted to do after graduation?
This position gave me clarity that what you think you might want to do might
not be what you end up doing. It gave me clarity that there will be opportunities
given that will change and shape your life as long as you put the effort in and
open your mind to allow the opportunities to become available to you.

Do you have any advice for students that will be involved in an internship?
My advice would be to grab on to any tasks offered for you to do, meet everyone
you can and show leadership, initiative and motivation. You will make an amazing
impression if you put in the effort, look and act eager and get to know those you work with.

What work are you doing now?
Starting in May 2019, I have been working full time with Service Canada and will begin
my training as a Payment Service Officer in Vancouver July 28 2019.

Looking forward, where would you like your career to go?
I would like to stay within the government, whether that be provincial or federal.
I would like to take on leadership roles and explore different avenues the government
has to offer. I would like to focus on helping to develop a creative as well as innovative
approach to future training, action plans, policy, and quality of life for Canadians.