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Employer Directory - Arts, Culture, Recreation, and Sport


The VIU Employer Directory is designed to be your compass to begin navigating the professional landscape, bridging the gap between your academic achievements and your career aspirations, but please be aware that there might be local opportunities and organizations that are not included on this resource, and continue to conduct your own research and build your network.

As you are interacting with employers, please also remember that you represent Vancouver Island University. Visit this Business Etiquette resource that our team has developed, or visit the VIU Career Studio if you need additional help.

*Please note that the inclusion of an organization on this resource does not indicate a partnership between Vancouver Island University and that organization, or an endorsement of that organization. No organizations have paid to be included on this resource, and the Centre for Experiential Learning reserves the right to not display an organization on this resource at our discretion. If your organization would like to be included on this resource, please email careerstudio@viu.ca.

These categories were designed to align as closely as possible with the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes. This category contains the following sub-categories:

Creative and Performing Arts

  • NOC Codes: 513 (Performers and Artists), 522 (Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Craftsmen)

  • Roles Include: Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Graphic Designers, Photographers.

  • Sub-Sector: This category encompasses organizarions and careers directly involved in the creation and performance of art and entertainment, as well as roles focusing on the administrative and managerial aspects of arts and culture organizations.

Culture, Heritage and Libraries

  • NOC Codes: 511 (Librarians, Archivists, Conservators, and Curators)
  • Roles Include: Librarians, Archivists, Museum Curators, Conservators.
  • Sub-Sector: Encompasses the management and preservation of cultural and historical artifacts and literature.

Media Production and Broadcasting

  • NOC Codes: 522 (Technical Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sport), 523 (Announcers and Other Performers)
  • Roles Include: Broadcast Technicians, Camera Operators, Sound Technicians, Journalists, Announcers.
  • Sub-Sector: Covers technical and production roles in media, broadcasting, and entertainment.

Recreation, Sports, and Fitness

  • NOC Codes: 525 (Coaches, Instructors, and Program Leaders), 5254 (Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport, and Fitness)
  • Roles Include: Fitness Instructors, Sports Coaches, Recreation Program Leaders, Athletic Therapists.
  • Sub-Sector: Focused on the development, training, and leadership in recreational and sports activities.

Creative & Performing Arts

  • Description: A contemporary ballet company based in Vancouver, known for its dynamic and innovative performances.
  • Careers Website: Ballet BC Careers
  • Description: Located in Victoria, the Belfry Theatre is a professional theatre company dedicated to producing contemporary plays with an emphasis on Canadian work.
  • Website: Belfry Theatre
  • Description: The agency of the government of British Columbia dedicated to funding and promoting the arts across the province.
  • Careers Website: BC Arts Council (career opportunities may be limited; check the government of BC's job portal for related positions)
  • Description: Supports local artists and community events, operating programs like the Islands Short Fiction Contest and Art Around Town.
  • Types of Roles: Arts program coordinators, event managers, marketing and communications specialists.
  • Careers Page: Nanaimo Arts Council
  • Description: A renowned opera company in Victoria, known for its high-quality productions and community engagement programs.
  • Careers Website: Pacific Opera Victoria Careers
  • Description: Located in Victoria, the Royal BC Museum is one of the leading cultural institutions in Canada, with collections, exhibitions, and programs showcasing human and natural history.
  • Careers Website: Royal BC Museum Careers
  • Description: A professional theatre company in Nanaimo.
  • Roles: Stage management, performance, theatre administration.
  • Website: TheatreOne
  • Description: The largest symphony orchestra in Western Canada, offering a wide range of musical performances and educational programs.
  • Careers Website: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Careers
  • Description: A professional orchestra based in Nanaimo.
  • Roles: Arts marketing, production assistance, educational outreach.
  • Website: Vancouver Island Symphony

Culture, Heritage, and Libraries

  • Description: A world-renowned entertainment company based in Montreal, known for its high-quality, artistic entertainment. They periodically tour in various locations, including British Columbia.
  • Careers Website: Cirque Du Soleil Careers
  • Description: Located in Vancouver, known for its displays of world arts and cultures, with a special emphasis on the First Nations peoples of British Columbia.
  • Careers Website: Museum of Anthropology Careers
  • Description: Located in Nanaimo, this museum offers a journey through the local history with engaging exhibits and educational programs.
  • Careers Website: Nanaimo Museum (specific career opportunities might be listed on-site or through local job boards)
  • Description: Vancouver's public library system, known for its extensive collections and commitment to community engagement and literacy programs.
  • Careers Website: Vancouver Public Library Careers

Media Production & Broadcasting

  • Description: Provides transportation services and occasionally offers roles in media and communications.
  • Careers Website: BC Ferries Careers
  • Description: One of Canada's largest media companies, operating television, radio, and digital media assets.
  • Careers Website: Bell Media Careers
  • Description: Canada's national public broadcaster, offering diverse opportunities in media and broadcasting.
  • Careers Website: CBC/Radio-Canada Careers
  • Description: An independent TV station in Victoria with local news coverage and community programming.
  • Careers Website: CHEK News Careers
  • Description: A division of Bell Media, offering television broadcasting with a focus on local news.
  • Careers Website: CTV News Vancouver Careers
  • Description: A significant television station in British Columbia, part of the Global Television Network.
  • Careers Website: Global BC Careers
  • Description: British Columbia's public educational broadcaster, focusing on documentaries and arts programming.
  • Careers Website: Knowledge Network Careers
  • Description: Operating various media outlets including radio, television, and digital media, especially in sports broadcasting.
  • Careers Website: Rogers Careers
  • Description: Offers services including cable television and internet, with opportunities in media and broadcasting.
  • Careers Website: Shaw Communications Careers
  • Description: While primarily a telecommunications company, Telus also has ventures in media production, especially for marketing and digital content creation.
  • Careers Website: Telus Careers

Recreation, Sports, and Fitness

  • Description: Provides leadership in recreation and parks services in BC.
  • Careers Website: BCRPA Careers
  • Description: Provides world-class Olympic and Paralympic training environments.
  • Roles: Sport science, athlete services, sport administration.
  • WebsiteCanadian Sport Institute
  • Description: Offers internships providing experience in sports management and operations, associated with the Vancouver Canucks.
  • Careers WebsiteTop Prospects Internships
  • Description: A renowned mountain resort in North Vancouver offering outdoor sports and activities.
  • Careers Website: Grouse Mountain Careers
  • Description: A ski resort on Vancouver Island known for its skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking facilities.
  • Careers Website: Mount Washington Careers
  • Description: A regional sport hub that provides athlete, coach, and community sport services, supporting the Sport for Life framework to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada.
  • Types of Roles: Program coordinators, team coaches, event organizers, and various administrative and support roles.
  • Careers PagePacificSport Vancouver Island Careers