Health & Human Services

CYC Peer Coordinator and Researcher


Provide resources to the 4th year practicum team lead students via workshops, how to support others with course content, navigating relationships when running seminars, how to run seminars, how to be a mentor to other students, how to give and receive feedback. Workshops/resources could be offered 1x a month or more often if needed. Could have the workshop after/before Friday seminars.

Position Overview

  • Link up with the VIU Student Wellness Team to determine what they offer that CYC could link into or attend
  • Discovering who in first year would like a mentor and then connecting them with a 3rd or 4th year student
  • Connecting with all first/ second year students by going into classes and engaging in connecting activities
  • Providing educational face to face and online training to support fellow students, that respond to current issues and learning needs for students concerning academic achievement and/ or educational related skills training
  • Providing on-going workshop opportunities for students in relation to community/academic concerns highlighting peer mentorship and research processes
  • Creating cross disciplinary invitations for community contacts and collaborative learning between programs eg. Global Studies, Psychology, Education
  • Utilizing VIUtube, VIUWordpress and registering for available CEIL training sessions to enliven modes of academic engagement and support
  • Organizing virtual social events for CYC students including welcoming and closing events
  • Maintain active Facebook group for CYC students
  • Facilitating support groups and providing 1-1 support to both New students and returning students
  • Researching diverse and innovative ways of connecting with students in a remote world
  • Evaluation of the peer support program
  • Logging supporter hours
  • Gathering and analyzing summative and formative data with participants
  • Liaise and collaborate with faculty

Position Requirements

  • Work Op applicants are either 3rd or 4th year students in the VIU Child and Youth Care Program (minimum 3 courses per term)
  • First Aid Certificate would be an asset but not required
  • Preferred: Volunteer management, event planning, budgeting, time management, communications and social media.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in critical thinking, foundations for lifelong learning and oral communication.

Sign Up Directions 

For more information, please contact Jamie Covey at