Academic Writing Tutor – Education


The Academic Writing Tutor has successfully provided substantive support to our Masters students. Specifically they have edited papers and provided academic support in terms of enhancing students' written skills.

Position Overview

We are looking for a senior student who can serve as an academic writing tutor to our International Graduate students. The successful candidate will have excellent writing skills, be very familiar with APA formatting and requirements, and will have a disposition suited to working with other cultures.  This academic tutor will keep track of their own hours and will work out their tutoring schedule to match their and the student's needs.

We envision tutoring sessions to run approximately one hour per student and be primarily focused on helping the student to achieve clarity, form, and structure in their formal academic papers.

Position Requirements

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office 2010 programs
  • Familiarity with APA 6 formatting for academic work
  • Must be a 4th year student or graduate student
  • Have a outgoing and supporting attitude
  • Must have strong communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent writing and editing skills

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in critical thinking, oral communication, reading, written communication, and intercultural perspective.

Position Type

  • This is a Paid work Op opportunity

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Rachel Moll, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education at