Anatomy Tutor/Mentor – SHAPE Program


As a tutor/mentor, the student provided guidance and expertise to novice anatomy students. They shared study tips and techniques and provided context of the class to the broader program.

Position Overview

The department of Sport, Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) is looking for an upper-level student to mentor and tutor students taking PHED 201 - Human Anatomy.  The tutor will work with groups of students during drop-in/open lab hours and will help the students learn and understand the course material. 

As a tutor/mentor, this student position provides guidance and expertise to novice anatomy students.  The tutor/mentor shares study tips and techniques and provides the context of the course material to the broader program.

Other duties include mentoring first year students entering the SHAPE program, maintaining a clean and organized lab environment, and ensuring the anatomical models are ready for lab sessions (clean, labelled appropriately, and working). This position may aid students taking PHED 220 Human Physiology II and assist with other SHAPE related initiatives/activities as needed.

Position Requirements

  • Completed PHED 201 and PHED 220 with a recommended minimum grade of A-minus in each course. 
  • Must be reliable, organized, and independent, and will be required to attend weekly meetings with the supervisor.
  • Being a SHAPE major is a requirement, and the applicant must intend to apply to a post-graduate degree (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, medical school etc.) in a related field.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in disciplinary expertise, foundations for lifelong learning, information literacies, and oral communication.

Position Type

  • This is a volunteer position

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Louis Mattar at