Health & Human Services

Research Assistant - BSN


The Research Assistant worked with two BSN Program Faculty to conduct a literature review of evaluation of preceptorship models in Canada in the discipline of nursing.

Position Overview

The Research Assistant (RA) will locate and read relevant literature that describes how preceptorship models of nursing programs are utilized and evaluated in Canada.  

 The RA will meet with the supervisor weekly to summarize findings and plan the next steps in the search. The RA will also meet with the two Principal Researcher throughout the term to analyze (through discussions) the literature findings.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in ethical reasonings, historical understanding, information literacies, oral communication, reading, and technological literacy

Postion Type

  • This is a Work-Op position
  • Number of positions: 1

Sign Up Directions 

For more information, please contact Colleen Price, Chair, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, at