Accounting - Student Tutor


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The Accounting Student Tutor provided tutoring services for students taking first and second year accounting courses.

Position Overview

The Accounting Student Tutor is expected to provide tutoring services for students taking first and second year Accounting courses.
This position will be for the Fall semester. The tutor is expected to work closely with Accounting Faculty members. An ability to work flexible hours is needed. The position could be assigned to one student for 70 hours a semester, or two students for 35 hours each per semester.

Position Requirements

  • Student must be proficient is 100 and 200 level accounting course such as:
    • ACCT 100/101
    • ACCT 201
    • ACCT 217
    • ACCT 29
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in collaboration, disciplinary expertise, oral communication, and written communication.

Job Type

This is a paid Work-Op position
This position is available in spring and fall semesters

Sign-up Directions

For more information, please contact Erin Egeland, Professor, Accounting, at