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An elected director is primarily responsible for overseeing the events of the Students' Union. Responsibilities include planning and implementing campus life activities, chairing the Campus Life Working Group, etc.

Position Requirements 

The VIU Students’ Union is an autonomous not-for-profit society that is run by students for students. The Students’ Union exists to provide events, services and advocacy for its members (all students at VIU).

The VIU Students’ Union Director of Events is an elected position that is primarily responsible for oversight of the events of the Students’ Union. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: planning and implementing campus life activities (such as welcome week events, workshops, and free food or coffee functions), chairing the Campus Life Working Group, and volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition. While the minimum time commitment is 15 hours per week, a typical Director of Events will commit up to 100 hours per month in order to ensure that all aspects of the job are being done well.

Some of the skills that the individual will strengthen and utilize over the course of their one-year term are: building and maintaining positive relationships; collaboration and team-oriented working; effective communication (written and verbal); safe and inclusive event planning; critical thinking; and active learning techniques.

Sign-up Directions

The Director of Events is an elected position, selected by VIU students in a general election once per year. The election is held in the Spring Semester, with nominations opening in early January. All Students' Union members are eligible to run in the election for this position. If you are interested in running for this position, please contact the Students' Union office for additional information about the election process and timeline.