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Event Assistant - Sustainability Fair


Assistants played an important role in influencing and informing the VIU community in sustainable action through pre-event planning, communication, active hosting, and post-event reflection.

Position Overview

The VIU Sustainability Assistant position has a wide range of duties, from pre-event planning to event strike.

Assistant activities include working together to plan and execute a sustainability event for the VIU community that introduces and reacquaints the community with services on and off campus, reinforcing the culture of 'Everyone makes a difference' (during the planning and in actively hosting the event), communicating the event to the VIU community through various modes, ranging from face-to-face to social media, encouraging the community to actively participate in this event, assisting in set-up and take down of the event site, assisting presenters with any needs they may have in documenting the event through social media, and reviewing the event and making recommendations/suggestions for future events.

Through these activities, intended skill and knowledge development will include developing a stronger understanding and practice of event planning, engagement, communication, and critical analysis.

The VIU Sustainability Fair usually occurs in late September. There will be a great deal of activity starting before, during, and after the event. Event assistants are expected to be available for some time during the day to help in delivering this event. Several planning meetings will be held before the event, and Event Assistants are asked to attend at least one and/or stay in touch via email or another similar mode.

Post-event, Event Assistants will be asked to share thoughts/insights at scheduled sessions, which may be online group sessions.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, and intercultural perspectives

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Margot Croft, Environment & Sustainability, Facilities Services/Campus Development at Margot.Croft@viu.ca