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Lab Assistant - Media Research Lab


This positing provides project and research assistance for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities' Media Research Lab.

Position Requirements

Media Research Lab Student Assistants provide research and production assistance for faculty and students developing media-related research projects.  They also contribute to Lab project initiatives and documentation of live campus events.

Student Assistants will:

  • Act as representatives of the Media Research Lab as they engage respectfully with members of the university and extended community in collaborative work.  This work requires them to exercise creative, critical thinking to identify relevant media-focused questions and modes of developing clever, timely, theoretically grounded applied answers.
  • Explore ways in which to enact, enhance and expand their own media analysis and practice skills.  These skills are developed within the classroom or independently, and will support the work of the Lab and its constituents. 
  • Explore opportunities to elaborate on those skills as appropriate, supporting long-term skill and experience development in the fields of media analysis and/or media production.
  • Work with a variety of stakeholders to create written, oral and audio/visual materials.  The production process includes specific tasks, such as capturing live events (e.g. the Arts and Humanities Colloquium series) and packaging such materials for dissemination to a wider audience.
  • Propose, develop, and lead self-directed media related research and creative activities whenever possible.

Beyond working with the Lab Director, Ravi Mohabeer, Research Assistants will work with the Media Studies Technician, Chris Alemany, and other faculty.

Graduate Attributes

Students in this position will gain skills in Written Communication, Technological Literacies, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships, and Integrative Learning.

Sign-Up Directions

Learn more about the Media Research Lab.

For more information, or to apply, please email Ravindra Mohabeer, Professor and Chair, Media Studies/Digital Media Technology, Arts and Humanities