Finance Coordinator - Vancouver Island Leadership Conference 2021 (Virtual)

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The Finance Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Chair and Vice-Chair in the day-to-day operations with emphasis on the organization’s internal controls and developing an in-depth event budget. These tasks may partially be in collaboration with the Community Outreach Coordinator as they will be able to provide additional information on financials.

Position Requirements

The Vancouver Island Leadership Conference (VILC) is sponsored through the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning. VILC is the host to the annual student-led, non-profit conference held on Vancouver Island, BC. These conferences connect students with a passion for leadership and engage local community business networks.

It is the mission of the conference to provide students with the best tools to not only build a better community through leadership, but also empower diverse thinking in the ever-changing world.

Position Responsibilities 

  • Prepare expense collections from the Chair and Vice-Chair
  • Work alongside Office Program Assistant with PO forms and expense accounts
  • Assist in the collection of funds from corporate sponsorships
  • Assist the Chairperson and Vice Chair in the organizations bookkeeping, including but not limited to marketing expense, travel cost and venue depostites
  • Attend all VILC team meetings
  • Additional duties as they arise

Lines of Communication

  • Chairperson 

  • Vice Chairperson 

  • Office Program Assistant 

  • Director of Community Relations

Skills Developed

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Understanding of Internal Controls

  • Asset Management within an Organization

Position Details

Number of Positions Available: 1

Reports to Vice-President of Finance

Sign-up Directions

Contact Omar Karim, Coordinator, Co-Curricular Engagement at for more information.