Health & Human Services

Peer Coordinator and Researcher - Child and Youth Care


Child and Youth Care (CYC) Peer Mentor Coordinator and Researcher is responsible for coordinating and implementing student activities for the CYC student body.  They reflect, demonstrate professionalism, consult with community partners, plan events and activities and evaluate the program with evidence-based research.

Position Requirements

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruit mentors/mentees
  • Match new students with supporters
  • Provide educational training to supporters
  • Provide on-going workshops to students
  • Organize social events
  • Facilitate support groups
  • Provide one on one support to both new students and supporters
  • Evaluate the peer support program
  • Log supporter's hours
  • Liaise with Faculty
  • Participate in the supervision of mentors
  • Run focus groups with mentor and students to collect data as part of the evaluation process

Sign-Up Directions

The Peer Mentor Coordinator will recruit, screen and train Mentors for their work with the mentees.  They will supervise them all throughout the year and will give support where needed.  They will evaluate the program at the end of the year and will work with the CYC supervisor to make sure that they have met their attributes.

For more information, contact Jamie Covey, Practicum Coordinator, Child and Youth Care, Health and Human Services.