Fall AERL Research Assistant - Applied Environmental Research Lab

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The Fall AERL Research Assistant provides laboratory technical and research support.

Position Requirements

Research assistants will contribute to the ongoing operation of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories (AERL), including organization, maintenance, and operation of laboratory equipment and instrumentation aimed at measuring chemical determinants of human and environmental health.

They will be directly involved in projects that assess air and water quality by both conventional and emerging methods of chemical analysis. Work includes general lab maintenance and organization, preparation of solutions, environmental sampling, quality control, instrument calibration, and operation. 

Research assistants develop valuable competencies, such as:

  • Important career-related communication skills and core competencies in the discipline
  • Ability to read and critically evaluate the scientific literature
  • Consultation with senior students and faculty supervisors to carry out 'bench-top' experiments
  • Provision of operational support

Example projects include:

  1. Air and water sampling and instrument calibration
  2. Development of real-time methods to monitor air quality
  3. New interface designs to directly measure low-levels of contaminants in water
  4. Application of real-time techniques to investigate chemical processes in complex samples

Sign-up Directions

This is a Work-Op position. More details can be found when available on CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning.

Visit the Applied Environmental Research Laboratories (AERL) website to learn more about these projects.