Fall Staff Member - Work-Op - Computing Science Help Centre

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The Computing Science Help Centre Staff Member will have scheduled time in the lab to provide assistance to students, primarily with their programming assignments; theory, algorithms and data structures, computational complexity, and correctness topics may also arise.

Position Requirements

The staff member will:

  • Engage with students
  • Review their code
  • Make suggestions regarding testing
  • View test results
  • Assist in ascertaining correctness
  • If necessary, assist in debugging

The staff member will also help the student understand the principles at work in the assignment. In particular, one-on-one sessions allow the staff member to follow the student's logic and pose interesting queries or make observations that lead to more correct code, or more efficient code, or code that is more easily understood or utilizes relevant conventions. 

Sign-up Directions

The Department Chair emails all students in second-, third-, and fourth-year courses in Computing Science about the open staff positions in the Help Centre. Interested students respond via email with a cover letter explaining their interest.