Student Participant - Students as Partners: Indigenous Perspectives

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Across higher education, and specifically at VIU, Indigenous perspectives are being interpreted and applied in a variety of ways.&nbsp; A group of students were brought together to investigate from a variety of cultural lenses what Indigenous perspectives mean at VIU.

Position Requirements

"Membership in the group comprised of Indigenous students, international studens and Non-Internationa/Indigenous students. Space was held for the relationship and to give students a voice in this time of transformation. Specifically, we wanted to enable them to:
Gather and share dialogue;
Build Relationships and Trust;
Engage meaningfully with Elders and key community members;
Attend the Truth and Reconciliation Conference at UVic in November 2018;
Workin small groups to formulate areas of enquiry that investigate what Indigenous perspectives mean at VIU;
Share out with the VIU community at various events where their journey has taken them.
These key learning and insights will significantly and meaningfully inform our community and our ongoing conversations about Indigenous perspectives here at VIU."

Sign-up Directions

 For further information on upcoming Students as Partners: Indigenous Perspectives please contact Sylvia Scow at