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Residence Life is the comprehensive program that surrounds living on campus. The ResSport League Athlete/Participant is a VIU Residences community member who participates in the ResSports League twice or more per month. ResSports League Athletes/Participants are responsible for collaborative engagement, teamwork and fair play within the context of ResSports League.

Position Requirements

As a ResSports League Athlete, students are expected to work with fellow athletes and the ResSports League coordinators to create a fun, supportive, and fair play environment for all participants.

Responsibilities associated with this role include:

  • Following gym and game rules
  • Listening to the direction of ResSports League Coordinators and referees
  • Engaging in respectful and fair relations with all program participants

Skills Athletes/Participants will use over the course of their term include, but are not limited to:

  • Respectful and inclusive relationship building
  • Collaborative/creative/critical thinking
  • Physical literacy
  • Effective communication

Sign-up Directions

Contact Mike Bauche, Assistant Manager, Residence Life at for sign-up details.