Facilities & Ancillary Services

Summer Programs Assistant - Student Residence


The Summer Reslife Programs Assistant was responsible for assisting with active summer programming on VIU residences and assisting with the organization and leadership of Community Leader Training in August.

Position Overview

VIU Student Residence -s is a for-profit organization that operates parallel to Vancouver Island University Nanaimo campus with the core values of exceptional service, safe and healthy living, and quality developmental experiences. VIU Residences works with community members, student leaders, and external organizations to create a supportive environment where young leaders can grow.

The Summer ResLife Programs assistant will work with Reslife management to provide weekly evening activities to students who stay in residences during the summer. This position will also assist management with the planning and implementation of Community Leader/Program Leader Training in August.

Duties and responsibilities associated with this position include program planning, material purchase, program set up, leadership, takedown and follow up, communications, editing, office work as requested, and attendance of weekly meetings.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in active learning, capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Mike Bauche, Assistant Manager, Residence Life at Michael.Bauche@viu.ca