Science Technology

Summer Research Assistant - Aquaponics Research


Students will be engaged in connecting with growing industrial presence in the field of aquaponics.  They will be responsible for collecting regular weekly data from these sites to promote a greater comprehension of the variability associated with these systems and the conditions that optimize production in both the produce and fish arena.

Position Requirements

This data collection from water, plants, and fish from Aquaponic commercial sites is the first step in developing a Best Practices Manual associated with Aquaponics on Vancouver Island, where temperate conditions remain the greatest challenge to success.

The student will do on-site water chemistry measurements using traditional photometric devices and will aid in collection of other parameters, such as light and temperature measurements and fish and plant health and growth data.

Sign Up Directions

Learn more about the VIU Aquaponics Project.

This position will be advertised within student bodies that are eligible for the position.  CVs, cover letters, and academic transcripts will be submitted and the position is treated as a competition.

For more information, please email Dan Baker, Co-Chair, Biology Department.