Undergraduate Research Assistant - Recreation and Tourism

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The Undergraduate Research Assistant, Recreation and Tourism is par of a research team studying the artisan economy in Canada. They will develop research, analysis and writing skills and have the opportunity to co-author a publication.

Position Requirements

Students will work together with their supervisor to identify and record artisans across the country in the database designed for the project. This inventory, when complete, will be analyzed to report out on the number of artisanal businesses identified, by type and province. This analysis will be conducted in Excel using descriptive statistics. Figures and tables to summarize the data will be used to develop a profile of the artisan economy. The geocodes will be used to create a map illustrating the regional concentrations of artisan across the country by type. The student will also be involved in the analysis of the database and the preparation of the article and presentation to share results. The student will also be co-author on the publication, and on an article for submission to the respected, peer-reviewed Journal of Rural and Community Development.

Sign-up Directions

For information on the application process, please email John Predyk, Professor, Recreation and Tourism, Faculty of Management.