Vice President of Finance - Business Students' Association

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As controller of finances within the Students' Union trust account, the Vice President of Finance was responsible for the coordination and delegation of funds for all events in tandem with the President to best utilize the organizations capital.

Position Requirements

As the sole controller of all finances within the accounts delegated by the Student Union, the VP Finance prepared financial statements, researched applicable funding opportunities, and ensures proper maintenance of all transactions and banking records. In addition, VP Finance is responsible for assisting in the coordination and delegation of funds for events in tandem with the President and Executive Vice President to best utilize available capital. Lastly included in the position was communicating and assigning tasks to the Budgets Director and Managerial Director that are in line with the societal strategy, reporting to the presidential team with potential concerns and progress on events, procedures, etc. Estimated time commitment 4 hours/ week.

Sign-up Directions

Members of the Executive Council are voted in via by BSA members. An Election Council determines the date of elections, which are typically held in January or February.