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Dining Plan Information

Dining Plans starting September 2023 will be available for purchase Tuesday August 1, 2023.

How to Choose a Plan

 A plan can be purchased for a semester, or for the full academic year. You have the option to choose between the Medium, or Full Appetite plans, depending on your needs.

Meal Plan purchases represent a dollar amount and attendance at each meal period is not required. Your dining plan balance will only be charged for what you consume, how and when you choose to consume food or beverages is you choice. Amount of meals per day and week is to provide an estimate of your purchasing power based on the plan you have chosen.

Plan Options

**Meals per week is based on average consumption

PlanTerm (4 Months)Academic (8 Months)Description
Medium Appetite

2 Meals, 4 days per week


September 5, 2023


December 22, 2023

2 Meals, 4 days per week


September 5, 2023


April 26, 2024

For average appetites.

Full Appetite

3 Meals, 5 days per week 


September 5, 2023


December 22, 2023

3 Meals, 5 days per week


September 5, 2023


April 26, 2024

For hearty appetites.

What You Get

Main Cafeteria

Building 300

Monday to Friday, 7:30 am - 7 pm

excluding Statutory Holidays, Weather/Emergency Closures, and approved VIU holiday schedule

The current hub of food at VIU is the main cafeteria in building 300.
There are several areas for you to find the food of your dreams:

  • Green Mountain 
  • Arrowsmith Grill
  • Culinary Arts
  • Mt. Benson Market @ the Campus Store

No matter the craving, you can find anything you need to keep focusing on your studies -

  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Fresh fruit, pastries and baked goods
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly options
  • Sandwiches, Soup, Salad, Poké, and Ramen
  • Culinary Arts' West-Coast Contemporary and French Cuisine
  • Packaged snacks and meals for food on the go
  • and more!


Each student who purchases a Medium or Full Appetite plan will receive a VIU mug which will allow for complimentary Coffee, Tea, and Fountain Pop for the duration of the purchased meal plan period. The provided mug must be used to collect complimentary beverages. If a student loses, damages or has their mug stolen a replacement can be purchased at the campus store at a cost to the student. Food Services is not responsible for replacement mugs.  

Perks of the Plan

A dining plan is a great way to make sure you have a budget dedicated to your food while you're with us. As long as you have your student card, you can purchase food from most areas on campus.

  • Monthly Events for Residents with Dining Plans
  • Exclusive Special Deals
  • and more to come!

How to Purchase

Purchase online here:

Online purchases will be processed the following business day

In person: Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Building 300 Main Cafeteria Office 309B

Students will then proceed to the Cafeteria Office in building 300 room 309B to have the funds loaded on to their student card. You must have your student card to complete the transaction and pick up your VIU mug. Students must have their student cards with them to access the funds on their student cards when making a purchase with their Meal Plan Funds.

Terms and Conditions

Student Dining Plans and Dining Dollars are governed by the following terms and conditions and by Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) policies and procedures. VIU is not liable for any loss, inconvenience to you or to others, or any damages (including special, indirect, or consequential) or expenses of any kind that may result from the use or misuse of the student ID card. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release VIU from all claims for losses, damages, injury, fees, expenses, charges or debts made by any party against the University arising out of the use or misuse of the student ID card. By depositing funds into your Dining Plan or Dining Dollar card accounts, you agree to and accept all terms and conditions. * You are the only person entitled to use your card * The activated Student ID Card is the only method of payment accepted for Dining Plan and Dining Dollar purchases * All meal purchases are final once a transaction is approved * Cash-back transactions are not permitted, and your Student ID card does not provide credit * Student Dining Plan and Dining Dollar plans are non-transferable *A 10% administrative fee will be charged on the remaining balance of your Dining Plan and Dining Dollar account balance annually May 1st * All Dining Plans are non-refundable *VIU is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mugs provided with the purchase of a Dining Plan. Replacement mugs can be purchased for a fee at the VIU Campus Store. Provided Dining Plan mugs must be used when collecting complimentary beverages. *Complimentary beverages include coffee, tea and fountain pop within the Main Cafeteria building 300 at the Nanaimo Campus *VIU Food Services is closed during statutory holidays, approved VIU holiday schedule and weather/emergency closures. During these days Dining Plans are unavailable