Nihal Soni MBA student in building 210

Vivek Mehta Vivek Mehta - Assistant Branch Manager, RBC

Vivek Mehta

After 3 years of marketing experience in India, I decided to pursue an MBA in VIU. As I progressed through the program, I have confirmed my conviction that it was the right decision at the right time, and unambiguously one of the best of my career. It did not only deepen my understanding of key business and financial principles that set me apart in a competitive Canadian job market; but also, the MBA program offered me the opportunity to reflect on my past professional experience and skills.

The program emphasizes developing not just management and leadership skills, but in conducting business ethically and responsibly. All in all, it enhanced my confidence on both a personal and professional level. I am very grateful to all professors, internship coordinators, and mentors at VIU who believed in me and supported me to calibrate skills and techniques learned in the past, giving me the confidence and enthusiasm, I needed in striving to become a valuable asset within an organization in Canada.

Today, I am working with the country’s most prestigious financial institution, Royal Bank of Canada as an Assistant Branch Manager, and I proudly dedicate my success and achievements to VIU.