Math Peer Tutor - Adult Basic Education


The ABE Math Peer Tutor provides learning support to an Adult Basic Education (ABE) student group. These students are taking Math 067, Physics 067 and a variety of other ABE courses.

Position Requirements

After initial training, the ABE Math Peer Tutor will provide guidance and support to a group of interested senior ABE students. These students recognize group study as an effective way to enhance their coursework, and appreciate the guidance of a remunerated leader.

This student group has a collective goal of gaining entrance into diploma programs, such as pre-Engineering or another advanced math study program. The Peer Tutor will work under the guidance of the Math 067 instructor, will attend one Math 067 class per week. They will organize the student study group at a time mutually convenient to the interested students and the Peer Tutor.

Peer tutors do not do one-on-one tutoring. Rather, they set up learning experiences for the student group, and they lead the group's peer-based work. The most effective peer tutors demonstrate a combination of student leadership, interest in developing instructional skills, and subject knowledge.

Tutors will be required to:

  • Attend training sessions as required throughout the semester
  • Assist with planning/brainstorming
  • Offer support to Learning Sessions/Study Sessions for groups of tutored students
  • Maintain stats of students attending study sessions
  • Meet with the instructor as needed

The Peer Tutor's work creates communities of practice, deeper learning, and an enhanced student experience. They develop strong social connections for the students who are in the peer group and the tutor who leads them.

Sign-up Directions

Contact Lisa Lewis, Acting Chair, Adult Basic Education, Nanaimo campus at for more information.