Gala Organizer - Academy Awards Gala


This student position works under the supervision of the Academy Awards Gala Committee Chair. The students assists with finding sponsors for the Academy Awards Gala Fundraiser, and helps organize and promote evens with University Relations.

Position Requirements

The successful applicant will, under the supervision of the chair of the Academy Awards Gala Committee Chair, work to prepare for the February Academy Awards Gala Fundraiser.

Duties include:

  • Liaise with University Relations
  • Develop targeted fundraising tactics for the event, including helping to identify potential contributors
  • Assist with promotion and organization of the event
  • Identify specific logistics and organizational needs (such as catering)

The Gala is a fundraiser for future student awards taking academic English courses

Sign-Up Directions

For more information and application process instructions, please contact Janet Grafton, Administrative Assistant, Arts and Humanities.