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Peer Mentor Program - RockVIU


Provided guidance to new students, fostering academic and social integration, while developing leadership, communication, and mentoring skills.


The RockVIU Peer Mentor Program is designed to support new students as they transition into university life. Individuals in the role of a Peer Mentor are expected to provide guidance and assistance to these students, helping them to integrate both academically and socially into the campus community. Peer Mentors play a crucial role in facilitating a welcoming and supportive environment for newcomers.

Duties of a Peer Mentor include meeting with mentees regularly, offering advice on academic resources, study strategies, and campus involvement opportunities. They may also help new students understand university policies and procedures, and connect them with relevant services and supports on campus.

Expectations for Peer Mentors involve being approachable, empathetic, and knowledgeable. They should possess strong leadership qualities, as well as excellent communication skills, as they will be interacting with students from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, Peer Mentors are expected to maintain confidentiality and display a high level of professionalism.

Being a Peer Mentor also provides an opportunity for personal growth. Mentors will develop their own leadership, communication, and mentoring skills, which can be beneficial for future career prospects. They will also have the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of new students, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive university community.


  • Ability to work independently,
  • Interest in creating opportunities on campus for student leadership and development,
  • Interest in developing a thorough understanding of student engagement,
  • Event management experience,
  • Proficiency with online platforms such as Zoom,
  • Strong time management skills,
  • Strong interpersonal skills,
  • Creative outlook on improving VIU services,
  • Proficient written communication skills,
  • Interest in collaborating with staff, faculty, students, and the community,
  • Ability to initiate and maintain ongoing conversations with team members,
  • Preliminary understanding of VIU's Co-Curricular Record,
  • Preliminary understanding of VIU's Co-Curricular Involvement Application.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Technological Literacy
  • Written Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships

Sign Up Directions

Contact Telanie Moolman, Office of Co-Curricular Engagement & Learning at for more information.