Community Leader


Residence Life is the comprehensive program that surrounds living on campus. The Community Leader (CL) position requires those who hold it to be role models and perform duties that are related to creating a healthy, safe, and thriving environment where students can gain experience, be involved and develop their interpersonal, academic and leadership potential.

Position Requirements

Community Leaders (CL) shall be responsible for disciplinary administration in accordance with the Residence Agreements such as the Community Standards and the University Code of Conduct. This is accomplished by:

  1. Addressing individuals or groups who are violating the Community Standards
  2. Reporting all incidents in StarRez according to the procedures established in the Community Leader training manual
  3. Support one community program per month for the residence, either in the Cedar Centre or in another area
  4. Ensure Common Rooms, hallways and laundry rooms are welcoming
  5. Consistency and fairness in addressing Community Standards
  6. Supporting all decisions as decided by professional staff and other Community Leaders to maintain consistency and fairness within the community
  7. Live in the residence at VIU
  8. Participate in the ongoing Community Leader Training
  9. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol while on duty
  10. Attend all staff meetings
  11. Plan, organize, implement, and follow up necessary programs. These can be done collectively with other CLs or individually.
  12. Be responsible with keys
  13. Maintain confidentiality
  14. Be responsible for the return of any VIU or VIU Student Residences property
  15. Fulfill community-specific position responsibilities as communicated by professional staff
  16. Additional duty assignments may be required at other times, i.e., Fire Watch, emergencies, sporting events, and other special occasions

Sign-up Directions

Contact Mike Bauche, Assistant Manager, Residence Life at for sign-up details.