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How to Add an Internship to Your Academic Experience

How to Obtain an Internship

Want to Apply Your Learning Beyond the Class?

Enrolling in an internship at Vancouver Island University is easy, and it comes with many benefits. Students who enrol in internships are more likely to be employed following graduation and more likely to work in their field of study. For students who don't have a mandatory experiential learning component in their program, they will need to register for INTP 300, to prepare themselves for their working semester. 

Continue below for student stories who have taken INTP and steps on how and when to register. 

Step 1:

Register for INTP 300 and ITRN 303

INTP 300 is available in the Fall and Spring semesters. With one class per week, it fits most timetables. All students in their first, second, and third year of studies are encouraged to apply. Registration for ITRN 303 is needed as well, it represents the internship itself. In the Fall 2022 Semester, INTP 300 is scheduled on Wednesdays from 1 - 4 pm.

Access your student record and register for courses 

Step 2:

Complete INTP 300 and Secure Your Internship.

INTP 300 takes you on a journey of self discovery. Through engaging activities and lessons, you will learn about your own strengths, passions and interests and be able to focus your search after the course as you explore job opportunities of interest.

Step 3:

Share your experience.

What makes the VIU community great is our culture of reciprocity and recognition. If you secured the internship of your dreams, learned more about yourself during your work experience, or acquired new skills that you're eager to share, we would love to hear about it, and future students will too. Contact us and have your story heard.